Southern Utah

Flew back from the Middle East on Wednesday and went back to St. George where the family is visiting my in-laws. I think we’ll rent a place here for the summer until we determine where we’ll be long term. The possibility of remaining in Abu Dhabi is looking rather bleak after my original employer decided to shut down their Middle East operations and a couple of alternative job opportunities didn’t pan out.

If you know someone looking for an experienced Management Consultant and project manager, direct them here for my resume and background:

Training: Did a 5 mile jog along the Virgin River this morning and mapped out the St. George Ironman bike route. [Details] I think I’ll try it out tomorrow morning before the Gunlock Rodeo where the family is planning to meet for a steak and potato BBQ before the July 4th fireworks.

The Next Big Swim:
Also, I have been in contact with the helpful folks at the Yemen Tourism Agency as I plan the Gate of Tears swim. What a beautiful country! Click here to see more about this cool country and area: The information about the country has only increased my desire to go there. Apparently Al Quaeda strongholds are mainly in the northern and eastern hill country. Though the coast is a hotbed of Somali pirates, I’ll be swimming some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world where there are navy escorts. Though the Djibouti charter teams aren’t interested on account of the pelagic Tiger sharks- I am still hoping it can be negotiated safely with the right precautions. After all, the Catalina channel is the location of dozens of great white sightings every year, but 159 people have successfully crossed it.

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