Fall is here

Did a nice 3-5 mile run nearly every day this week- admittedly a little later than normal as pre-dawn temperatures here dipped into the 40s. I mixed it up with the regular core strength exercises of push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups.  Gotta admit, I’ve missed Orange County weather this past week.  I’ll be back there next week.

On Saturday, spent the morning doing a 60 mile bike ride from Bloomington to Veyo and back with the Southern Utah Triathlon Club. They made me push myself a little harder than normal and also realize I’ve got to do some intense hill work to get ready for the Ironman in May.

Good news this week: Lynn Kubasek, a fantastic kayaker for my Catalina swim, bagged her own solo swim across the channel on Wednesday. Congrats, Lynn! I received my Abu Dhabi Tri Club jersey. Thanks Chris! I also enjoyed watching the Kona Ironman Championships- inspiring.

Sad news: I hadn’t posted it before, but the Abu Dhabi jersey reminded of the great folks I worked out with there in the Middle East. Coach Mark Pringle, a fantastic coach full of spunk and positive energy, finally died of the injuries he sustained in a hit and run accident there in the capital. Unfortunately, Abu Dhabi is a less desirable place to be with him no longer there. LINK

Workouts This Week

I was up late Sunday night and early Monday studying for an exam. After passing the 4 and 1/2 hour exam…I figured my body would survive a day without a cardio workout.

On Tuesday I did my loop around Bloomington with an extra intensive bout of situps, pullups and pushups that left me with a nice soreness for a couple of days.

This week, I finally got in a workout with Lynne Lund, the local swimming legend and found the legend was deserved. She was great and quickly picked apart my stroke and gave me a number of helpful technique helps. While St. George may not have the huge master swimming programs found in Southern California- its hard to get that kind of personal attention there either. I’m looking to get my 100 meters down in the mid 50 secs in the coming months.

On Saturday, I took off at 7:30 in cold and finished up after noon. Did 58 to 59 miles up to Veyo and down the 18 behind the St. George Marathon to Snow Canyon and back. I had to stop a few times due to police and race officials who wanted to make sure I didn’t interfere with the tail end of the race. I believe it is the longest distance ride I’ve done- need to get the average speed up.

Week of Sept. 21st- Travel and Workouts

On Sunday, ran with the family to a family function in Las Vegas and decided to continue down the 1-15 to California to get some of our stuff still stored there and take the kids to Disneyland the following day. After a morning of lifting items around our storage unit and an afternoon with Mickey, we returned to Utah late late Monday night. I was a little wiped out on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, I did a 3 mile jog, on Thursday did 6 miles. On Thursday night I drove to Denver. On Friday morning I did 3 miles at almost 5,600 ft. elevation in Golden, CO and was able to return to Utah late that night.

Saturday morning I rode my bike 20 miles up to Sand Hollow Reservoir from Bloomington to watch the end of the Kokopelli Triathlon being held there. I was bummed I couldn’t race it, but I wasn’t sure I was going to make it back to Utah in time for the race and missed the registration. I rode back at a quick pace to get in a 40+ mile bike ride.

Next week, it is about finding a good schedule to build distance and practice all 3 disciplines.

Thursday through Saturday

Wednesday night did a fast mile swim followed by 14 mile bike at Sand Hollow.

Thursday did a nice 3 mile jog

Friday morning was another 1 mile swim in Sand Hollow Reservoir followed by 3 mile jog and sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups.


Saturday morning, after one of the worst night’s sleep of my life, I woke early from a campout with my son in the mountains about St. George to do a series of open water swim races at Sand Hollow Reservoir. Did the Kau Wela 1 mile race in a wet suit. In the warm water, the constriction of the suit caused me to have “can’t catch my breath” claustrophobia reaction. (Most triathletes know what I’m talking about.) After a fast start, I heated up too fast and couldn’t slow my breathing or heart rate. I lost the lead and couldn’t recover my stroke/stamina until the last 1/5 of the mile. The winner smoked everyone, but I did catch up to a group of 3 swimmers all vying for the silver medal at the finish and beat out one of them for 4th place. I did the 1/2 mile without a wetsuit knowing that I’d be slower, but I’d feel more comfortable. I finished 3rd. I then did the 400m race without a wetsuit as well and took 2nd.

    Wednesdays Workouts

    Did a 3 mile jog in the morning with push-ups and sit-ups and then another 3 miles walking with my wife. In the evening, I did a mile swim in Sand Hollow Reservoir with the Southern Utah Triathlon Club followed by a 14 mile bike ride. Not a lot of distance, but the intensity of each was more than usual…now I need to keep the intensity while increasing the distances.

    Looking for a morning USMS group

    I haven’t had a serious swim workout in weeks, so I hit the Summit Athletic Club’s 5am workout…only to find I was the only one there. I did 3K+. I really need to find a good swimming workout group in St. George. I talked with a youth coach at Summit who mentioned he was planning something. I hope it happens, but if you live in St. George and are interested…contact me.

    Ideally I like to be doing 5,000 yard workouts between 5:30 and 7:00 am with 100 yards on 1:20 intervals 3 to 5 times a week. Initially, it could be 3,000 yards on 1:30s.

    Saturday Ride

    Did the loop from Bloomington up through Gunlock and back down route 19 for a total of 56 miles. I did it between 11:30am and 3pm in 100+ degree heat, but I kept well hydrated and it was a nice ride. I did have a concerned motorist offer me a lift at the bottom of the hill between Gunlock and Veyo. The steepness of the hill and the heat of the day made him comment that it was “dangerous”, but I declined. Though I feel that I’m no worse for the wear, I did do the climbs slower than I’d like to- I need to speed them up and then get in a second loop in the coming weeks to mirror the Ironman distance.

    Short Workouts and Zions…again!

    Did a couple of short jogs and laps in the pool at Sand Hollow Aquatic Center the first week of September, but with 2 family birthdays and an aborted trip to California, schedules were too erratic for meaningful distances.

    On Monday (Labor Day), I finally got back out to Sand Hollow Reservoir for a abbreviated triathlon workout of swimming and biking. I had to keep it short because I promised to take the kids to Zion’s Narrows and a flat ensured that it would be. I spent the remainder of the day hiking several miles up and down the canyon with my 2 oldest.

    On Tuesday morning, I did 2 laps of the 3 mile Bloomington loop run with push-ups, pull-ups and situps at the end of each 3 mile loop.

    Zions National Park – Mystery Canyon

    I had an opportunity today to hike Mystery Canyon in Zions and I couldn’t pass it up. What fun. 7 hours down slot canyons with friends and a good amount of rope work.

    Going down “Death Gulch” to the canyon bottom.

    Rappelling down a 120 foot wall into a cool pool.

    Rappelling down Mystery Falls into Zion’s Narrows and the Virgin River.