Finding a Pool in Chicago After Labor Day!

Flew back to Chicago late Monday night and couldn’t find a 50m pool for Tuesday morning.  I did find a 25 yard outdoor pool at the Midtown Athletic Club in Bannockburn online during the day.  It is conveniently located about midway between my work and hotel and had been recommended by some folks who I swam with at Deerfield’s Mitchell pool during the summer.  I checked the facilities out Tuesday night and determined to give their 1 day free membership a try today.

After work I was able to start swimming at 7:35pm and was able to go until a few minutes before 10pm, a good 2 and 1/4 hours.  It was tough to get used to the warm water and short 25 yard distance after swimming in open water or cooler 50 yard pools since June, but I settled into my “groove” after about 2000 yards and was able to log 8-9,000 yards (4.5 to 5 miles) for the night.

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