Sharks, Whales, and Barracudas, Oh My!

It looks like I could be in Colorado during the week for the next few months. Getting some high altitude training might not be bad.

I don’t think I’m neurotic about it, but I don’t like sharing the water with Great White Sharks. I’m not too fond of kelp either. I actually like seeing Girbaldi, Spiny Lobsters and Dolphins. Rays, serf perch, eels are fine. However, I don’t like swimming through schools of top smelt that are jumping out of the water or near seals, but only because they attract the same animals that occassionally eat people.

Myrtle Huddlestone, the first woman to swim the Channel was a 30 year old widow from Long Beach. She made the attempt on February 5th, 1927. Unable to see the boats, she drifted off and for three hours she was lost. During this time she was attacked by a barracuda. She received bites and cuts on the left side of her body. The fish kept returning and she had to beat them off with her hands.

I’m not sure how I’d react to this bit of wildlife…

Apparently while Dave and I were swimming in Corona Del Mar on Tuesday morning, a team of San Diegans was doing a Channel Relay swim. There WAS something in the water with us, just 10 miles offshore.