Murky Water + Kelp + Paranoia = Higher Heart Rate

Did a 2 mile swim in the ocean at Corona Del Mar at 9am.

The sun was shining- it felt like almost 70. Though the water was still cold (54 degrees?) the visibility was about 5-8 feet and more gray than yellow.

Started a little sluggish, but got my rhythm after 1/4 mile. I got that “not alone” feeling out past the outer most buoy and then ran headlong into 2 huge kelp plants. I almost jumped out of the water and onto poor Dave. Good (bad?) for the heart!

Though we were in the water for only 50 minutes, Dave and I were feeling the “funny” effects of the prolonged exposure- I felt like I could hold my breath forever and Dave was feeling really warm. I got out and felt warm almost immediately- you gotta love California.

Saturday, January 12th

This morning I met up with Dave Galli and Long Distance swimming great, Jim Fitzpatrick for a dip in the Pacific at Corona Del Mar. The sun was out and the water calm. The water visibility was about 3 feet though, a murky greenish yellow. I was told the water was 54 degrees…chilly.

The fog started coming in about midway through our 45 minute swim. (Jim was in for over an hour.) We swam a little more than a 1 1/2 miles Invigorating!

Chris and Dave after the swim.

Chris, Jim and Dave after the swim as a fog bank passes through.

At 11:30, I met up with Shane Fishbein and did a 27 1/2 ride through Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, and Laguna Hills. We did the Pacific Island Climb, Pacific Coast Highway along the Ritz to the Golden Lantern, then up to Crown Valley, Down to Cabot, and then home again on Paseo De Valencia via Laguna Hills Dr.