Catalina Swim Pictures Posted

Between 4 cameras with 3 different time zone stamps, it was a little tough putting all the pictures in sequential order. It’s getting close. Here’s the link:

With time being in short supply as I prepare to leave the country, my complete write-up will probably have to wait until my upcoming plane trip to Abu Dhabi. Ahelee’s comment on the swim though summed it up pretty well, though she has me blushing a little bit.

5 thoughts on “Catalina Swim Pictures Posted

  1. Chris, yes it is true, you made the swim of your life on your grandpa Fowler’s birthday! I think you gave him one incredible birthday present. But then, he gave you the swimming genes. What a gift!
    What a tremendous weekend.
    Thank you for making us so proud!

  2. Chris,

    I couldn’t help but look at the pics and read the commentary. Wow. What you did goes beyond training–your will power and determination are amazing. You also give me some hope that I can do things like this (but not exactly this!!) again some day after the kiddos get a bit bigger. Thanks for being an inspiration and good luck with your next adventure abroad.

    Sara (Roberts)

  3. Chris-

    You were really puffy after your swim! 🙂

    Wow. I can’t believe that. I’m sure I still don’t really understand the magnitude of what you just accomplished (even though I was exhausted just looking at all the pictures) 🙂 I can’t even begin to imagine swimming a marathon. Amazing. Way to go. Awesome.

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