Saturday Swim and Exercise in Abu Dhabi

Did a 4km swim at Mangrove Village Beach, which is a nice beach across from the Moussaffah indudustrial area. I was then invited by Jeremy Hughes’, a Brit Abu Dhabi Tri Club (ADTC) member who lives in the neighborhood, over for a nice breakfast of sausages and bacon. He had a great place and nice family. The kids with the dogs made me really miss my own kids. The breakfast was especially nice as pork products are a rare treat here in the Middle East, since they are forbidden by the Muslim religion.

Martin Hodge, a great Scottish swimmer and ADTC member, gave me a lift home to my flat near the Abu Dhabi Corniche. Above is a view of the beach and Corniche from the roof of the building.

I then checked out the excercise room in my apartment complex. It was the first time I had actually used it. It has a beautiful view of the Abu Dhabi Corniche and skyline. The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Building and the Hilton Towers, 2 iconic buildings of the city, can be seen through the window. It was nice to do some treadmill time and weightlifting.

Saturday Constitutional

On Saturday, most of the Abu Dhabi Tri Club was recovering from Friday’s Dubai Half Ironman, so just three of us went out for the swim. We went to the first breakwater and then did a loop around a massive 3 mast sailboat anchored offshore. The Eos had a British crew and undisclosed passengers. A swim mate discovered it was the largest sailboat in the world, owned by Barry Diller. The total swim was a bit less than 2 miles. After we got back, I did a couple of loops around the roads by the beach and Emirates Palace Hotel for about 3 miles. My once a week workouts have caused my fitness levels to really drop in the last 4 months.