The Election Season Musings on Mormon Candidates

It has been nearly a year since Mitt Romney, a prominent member of the Mormon church, became the Republican front runner for the office of President of the United States.  His faith has been mentioned repeatedly by the media and others, but he seems to be a non-person in church services.  Perhaps in deference to the minority of Democrats / Obama supporters in the congregation, or perhaps out of sensitivity to discussing politics at all inside the church, Mitt Romney has not been discussed.  It has been a little surreal.  I’m curious how politics is treated in other faiths?

Here is a link to the church’s official position:

If there is one thing I have learned from my 41 years in the church, it is that the church tries to be consistent in upholding its standards and strictly adhering to policy.  I suspect that my experience is similar to most Mormons in that we don’t hear much about Romney- in official venues and meetings.  Outside of church meetings, Mormons probably run the gamut of political opinions from “Romney has been chosen by God to lead this country” to “he better not screw up and make us all look bad”.  I know the types who hold the “chosen by God” viewpoint really offend the more liberal among us.  I laugh.  Since many non-politically inclined members of my church suspect that my willingness to call Fox less-than “Fair and Balanced” and my self proclaimed libertarian sympathies means I’m “liberal”, I am guessing that they are more guarded in their dialogue around me.

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