Government Goal: Increase the Cost of Basic Necessities?

Can you imagine if the government actively pursued a policy to increase the cost of food for Americans?  How about gasoline?   It sounds crazy.  Why would the U.S. government support policies intended to increase the prices of basic human needs instead of decrease them?

Despite the fact that everyone needs a place to live, if housing gets more expensive, we have decided that it is a good thing from a public policy perspective. Current programs and the media have determined that lower housing costs are bad despite the disastrous effects that the housing bubble pop had on the economy in 4 years ago.  

I would prefer that everyone have a nice, affordable place to live instead of turning this basic human necessity into a savings mechanism prone to asset bubbles.  Perhaps a better means of retirement savings would be savings accounts, stocks, or bonds?

If we truly care about the poor and raising our national standard of living, we should rethink our misguided housing policies.

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