Insurance = Low Cost Health Care?

We all want accessible, low cost health care.

Unfortunately, a lack of clarity about that goal has exacerbated the cost of health care in the U.S.  Recent political debate has focused on getting people insured instead of making sure that everyone has access and the costs of that care are affordable.  Insurance does NOT provide care, it is only a mechanism for paying for it.

New insurance mandates have increased the costs of obtaining care.  When we require insurance companies to pay for known, recurring expenses, like birth control, it doesn’t lower the cost, it raises it.  So now instead of paying for the service directly, we pay insurance premiums that must not only cover the cost of the service, but also the processing the claim, reimbursement expenses, and insurance company profits.  Ouch.

If the goal, on the other hand, is government (or employer) paid healthcare benefits, a contribution to a Health Savings Plan is a more cost effective solution- not expensive new insurance mandates.

A good podcast on the issue:

A good link to why we have have the best, most accessible healthcare in the world, AND so many are uninsured:

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