Post Election Summary

A couple of weeks have gone by since the election.  I’ve been disappointed as any Mitt Romney supporter would be, but it has provided some good time for thought about politics and the future of this country.  I have witnessed the gloating, the denial, the analysis and anger with interest.  Was there some election fraud?  Sure, but not enough to make a huge difference in the actual results nor change the election.  America’s end is not imminent.  I won’t be moving anywhere else.

So what happened?  The numbers tell the story.  The polarization politics played out.  Blacks, Hispanics, unmarried women, and the youth turned out in big numbers and overwhelmingly supported President Obama.  Many older, white, and religious voters stayed home.  Since it was a tight race, the demographics tipped the scales in favor of the President.

There was no sweeping mandate and little changed in the make up of congress.  Look forward to another 4 years of the same.  With identity politics proving to be more important than philosophy or policy- I expect the country will become increasingly divided.  That divide- unfortunately and unnecessarily- will be down ethnic, class, and religious boundaries.

Here’s another summary that mirrors much of my own thinking:  Root for America.

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