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This blog is a place for me to therapeutically vent, daringly theorize, and thoughtfully develop some of my political points of view.  If others read it and can relate- great!  If others read it and disagree, challenge me!  I love a thought-provoking, passionate, respectful debate.  I really want to develop my ideas into a set of pragmatic policies which could be articulated and promoted with confidence.

I am biased just like every other person in the universe.  My bias is towards freedom, despite that fact that people abuse that wonderful gift almost constantly.  However, I try to understand and give honest consideration to other viewpoints.  As a result, my viewpoints have changed over time and I expect them to continue to evolve.

In my current state of evolution, I have chosen to call myself an “independent consequential libertarian”.   Why?  Because conservative and liberal monikers don’t accurately capture my political viewpoints.  I should also note that the Libertarian Party doesn’t accurately capture my point of view either because, in some circumstances, the consequences of unregulated freedom results in outcomes that are NOT in society’s best interest (eg externalities) AND there are dangers that require us, as good people, to be our brother’s keeper.   I have never formally belonged to any political party and have voted for Democrat, Republican, and Libertarian candidates in the past.  I must admit “consequential libertarian” was borrowed from Milton Friedman as he articulated my point of view very well and called himself one.  Here is a link to Milton’s description of the moniker:

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